This racecar was designed as I was twisting it. When you don’t have a design in mind, just start twisting and you’ll figure something out!

Racecar (front view)

I used one blue 260 balloon to make the base of the car, which consists of a number of pinch twists and something like a three-bubble roll through. The blue balloon is broken into two parts. The first is used for the almost all of the car, and the second part is used for the wings.

I used one black balloon to make four separate wheels – each wheel is made using a tulip twist, which is then tied and cut off from the rest of the balloon. (Make sure you leave a little bit of uninflated balloon so that you can wrap that part around the rest of the balloon to attach the wheel.)

Lastly, I used a clear 260 balloon scrap to form the inside of the car (I was going to put a toy person or marshmallow Peeps rabbit in there, but forgot!)

Next time, I’ll try using a 350 balloon to make larger wheels and do something else with the wings so that the knots aren’t as visible.

Happy Belated Birthday M!