Hi! I’m Nancy.

I started twisting balloons one summer during college – I picked up one of those kits at the store. I first made very basic shapes and have slowly learned more here and there over the years.

By training I’m a software engineer, and I generally like to do things with my hands and build things. Balloons are like my legos. My other random hobbies include playing sports, drawing mazes, juggling (I like throwing things,) footbagging, and baking.

I twist mostly for friends and family, and whomever I may meet. Making people smile, young and old, makes me smile. I love how balloons can bring out the sense of wonder in a person of any age, and also how you can make someone feel very special and loved by twisting something for them. Balloons are a great way to connect with people, whether or not you can speak the same language.

I’ll post about some of my favorite balloons to twist, with links to videos, pictures, and/or my comments about them, as well as other information. I enjoy teaching and helping new twisters. Hopefully this will help you get started!

Enjoy! 🙂