Balloon Pumps

I recommend using a balloon pump for inflating the balloons. It’s much easier and more sanitary! Below are a few balloon pumps I’ve used before. If you will be inflating a TON of balloons, there are also pumps that professionals use, but they are cost much more (100-200+).

Balloon pump
This pump is simple, easy-to-use, and also reliable. It is perfect for the standard 260 balloons, but you can use it for 160 and 350 balloons as well.
Double-action balloon pump
This pump is double-action (inflates on both directions of the pump being pushed/pulled.) It is more appropriate for 260 and 350 balloons, but can be used for 160 as well.
Pocket balloon pump
This pump is smaller and thinner than the purple pump above, although I wouldn’t call it pocket-sized. It is also double-action and works really well for 160 balloons, but can be used for 260 balloons too.