Recommended Products

Here are some products I recommend, which I have researched, purchased, used, and/or own and enjoy myself. I usually spend a good amount of time doing research, so hopefully you can take advantage of some of the work I’ve already done! If you buy any of these items by clicking on the links, you’ll help support this site! 🙂

Although many party shops and toy stores sell balloons for twisting balloon animals, the ones sold in the stores are generally not very good quality, are older, and will often pop (leading to frustration!)
I suggest buying good, quality balloons (I’ve been using the Qualatex brand and usually order mine online.)

If you want to simply buy a bag (of 100 or 250), you may want to buy it off to save on shipping. There are different sizes of balloons, but a bag of 260 balloons are good to start with.

If you want to see what other balloon products are out there, check out They are a pretty well-known company with a large selection. If you are buying A LOT of stuff, is a well-priced shop. I also like la Rock’s – they have a large assortment. I’ve ordered from all three before.