How can I get in contact with you?
You can email me at nancy [at] khoolballoons [dot] com. I may not reply immediately.

Why do you twist balloons?
Two reasons – First, balloons are like my legos and I enjoy making things. It’s so neat what you can create in just a few minutes. Second, I twist for smiles. It’s a fun way to spread joy, and to remind people how special and loved they are. Balloons are a great way to connect with people, and I love how they can bring out the sense of wonder in a person of any age. Oh, and you can learn a lot about science and math through balloons!

Do you do parties?
I don’t really do parties, but have done them now and then when my schedule allows. It’s more likely I’ll have time to pre-make a more complex balloon before your event for you.

Did you blow up all those balloons yourself?
No, I don’t blow up any balloons. I use a pump in inflate balloons. I don’t have the lungs for it, and it’s more sanitary to use a pump. Also, this way kids won’t try to copy me and put balloons in their mouths.

How long do the balloons last?
It depends! If your kid is constantly playing with the balloon (shaking it, pulling at it, sword fighting,) it might pop. It also depends on environmental factors and the design of the balloon. They can last from around a few days to 2 weeks. I have made some balloons that I then left on my desk and they lasted well over 3 weeks (but they won’t look as shiny and new.)

If you draw on the balloon, be sure to use a non-acidic pen, or your balloon may deflate prematurely. Also, balloons do not like direct sunlight, heat, or anything sharp (watch out if you are outdoors – grass blades can be sharp!)

If you have freezer space, you can put them in the freezer to last longer.

What’s a 260? What’s a 160?
These are different sizes of  balloons. A 260 is a balloon that is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long. A 160 is a balloon that is one inch wide, and 60 inches long. 260s are the most commonly used ones for balloon twisting. Unless something else is specified, you’ll be using 260s for most things. 160s are good for adding detail. 350s are another common size.

Where can I buy balloons?
See this entry. Also, look at the “Products I Like” tab.
If you are near me – I usually have extra pumps and balloons – feel free to ask. I am happy to help you get started.

I can make a basic dog. How can I make it fancier?
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What are the basic twists?
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