Happy holidays!

No white Christmas here this year, unlike the Christmas four years ago. But I made a snowman anyway. 🙂

Olaf the Snowman for Disney's Frozen

Olaf the Snowman for Disney’s Frozen

Here’s a snowman designed to look like Olaf, the snowman from the popular movie “Frozen.” I followed the video by Changsunny (with a couple small modifications.) I liked this one the best out of all of the other many balloon Olafs I’ve seen. It’s a simple design, but requires a few more advanced twists.

To make this balloon, you’ll use a 6″ white heart balloon for the head, a [small part of a] white 260 for the middle part of the body, and a round 5″ balloon for the bottom. Also, you’ll need the ends of two brown 160s for the stick arms, a small scrap orange 160 for the nose, and an uninflated scrap black balloon for the “hair.”

The one thing I did differently was the nose. I made it longer and used a different technique to attach the nose. In the video Changsunny uses tape, but with this technique you only use balloons. It’s a little more difficult, but if you have the time, then I think it’s worth it.

To attach the nose, turn the heart balloon inside out; then inflate the orange balloon while it’s inside the heart balloon and tie. Afterwards, inflate the heart balloon, but don’t pull the knot all the way through (you’ll be deflating it later on.) Figure out where you want to attach the nose to the heart, grab the knot from the nose, twist, and tie the nose to the heart with an uninflated balloon. Lastly, deflate the heart balloon, and turn it inside out again while pushing out the nose. This might be a little hard to understand – check out Patricia Bunnell’s dog design to see the photos for how she attaches the nose of the dog.

The one other thing I might do differently next time is use a larger round balloon for the bottom of the snowman to give it a slightly larger base. While trying to attach the bottom balloon, I actually popped the round balloon twice and had to put in less air when I tried again. A larger round balloon would be less likely to pop.

Do you want to build a snowman?

[ Changsunny’s Olaf video ]
[ Patricia Bunnell’s dog design to see how to attach the nose ]