The octopus is one really neat animal, so intelligent and interesting. I almost feel kind of bad for enjoying them at mealtime every now and then. In any case, they are a fun balloon animal to make.

I recently bought these 5″ round polka-dotted balloons, and they great to use for making octopuses. For the eyes, I use one 5″ round white balloon, twisted in half. For the green octopus shown, I used one 160 to form the eight arms. You basically twist one ~6″ bubble (or however long you want the first arm to be), followed by six loops twists, with another ~6″ section left for the eighth arm. This design is a nice, quick one, especially if you are twisting for a crowd and/or have less time.

For the blue octopus shown, I used two 160 balloons to form the arms. You can make a curly balloon (which I’m not a pro at yet.) It takes a little more time as you are using two balloons instead of one and making curly balloons, but you can see that the blue octopus looks a little fuller with longer legs. But whichever design you use, both are fun.