Rainbow hat

I made a hat for my stuffed animal! Ok, it’s almost a little too cute for me, but my teddy bear seemed like a good-sized model for the hat.

Really fun hats can be made easily with just a few twists, and you’ll usually use at least two or balloons for a hat. From my experience, I found that older kids like them, but some younger kids not so much. Younger kids (preschool age) would rather have something they can just hold.

To make this:

I used segments of 160 balloon scraps to make the above hat, which is a mini-size version of a hat you’d make for a person. To make this hat for a real person to wear, you’ll need four 260 balloons, preferably different colors. Start by making the helmet. (The helmet is pink in the photo.) Wrap the balloon around the person’s head to make sure it’ll fit. Then blow up 3 (or more) balloons, leaving a little less than an inch uninflated, and attach them to the ends of the helmet. Pretty simple, huh? You only really need 4 twists to make this hat!