It’s Emmet from “The Lego Movie!” I made this one for an 8 year old birthday boy. I haven’t seen the movie myself yet, but I heard it’s pretty good!

To make this balloon, I used a large round balloon for the head, some brown 160s for the hair, an orange 350 and 260 for the body, an orange 350 for the legs, a blue 260 for the arms, and yellow 160 scraps for the hands.

I spent the most time trying to figure out the head/hair. I ended up using 4 raisins to help hold the hair. To try to make the round balloon less round and more flat at the top and bottom, there is an uninflated bottom pulling the top and the bottom of the balloon together. I used a raisin to attach the uninflated balloon to the top inside of the balloon.

A raisin twist is a method to attach a balloon to another balloon where there normally would be no place to attach a balloon. You do this by putting a raisin (a balloon knot) into the balloon, then grabbing the knot from the outside and twisting/tying a balloon around it. See this balloon forum for some pics.

Lastly, I used a white paint pen and Cra-Z-Art metallic markers to draw the details on the balloon.