Minion (from "Despicable Me")

Minion (from “Despicable Me”)

Even if you haven’t seen the movie “Despicable Me yet,” you’ve probably seen these little yellow minion creatures around.

This minion balloon is based on unicaw89’s design. I made a few modifications and used smaller balloons – a 350 for the head, 260s for the arms and legs, and 160s for the overalls. I made the eye/goggles a little differently – I used a white 350 scrap and a black 260 scrap to make the eyeball, using something like a tulip twist/link. I wrapped an uninflated gray 350 around the eyeball, and tied an uninflated black 350 to the back of the eyeball for the band.

Next time, I’ll give the minion some black gloves.

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

[ Unicaw89’s minion video ]