Sports car

Happy Birthday Adam! Adam’s a car guy (he knows so much!), so a car was perfect for him.

To make the car, I used three full 260 blue balloons to make the car frame, two black 350 balloons and part of one 160 silver balloon to make the wheels, and the remaining part of the silver 160 and one blue 260 scrap to make the spoiler.

First, I made the body of the car. (I used these instructions from Michael Floyd to help make the base of the car.) Then I made the wheels using the tulip twist (similar to how I made these donuts) and then attached them. The wheels are a little tricky to twist (mostly because the knot is a little hard to tie) but I thought they looked pretty cool and were worth the effort. (The other option is a simple loop twist.) I tried to give it some chrome hubcaps/rims. Lastly, I added a spoiler to make the car look more like a sports car. If I had more time, I would have made two people to put into the car!

[ Michael Floyd’s instructions for a car balloon ]