I created a new FAQ page. In the future I’ll post new questions here, as well as add them to the FAQ page.

Did you blow up all those balloons yourself?
No, I don’t blow up any balloons. I use a pump in inflate balloons. I don’t think I have the lungs for it, and it’s just more sanitary to use a pump. Also, this way kids won’t try to copy me and end up putting balloons in their mouths.

What’s a 260? What’s a 160?
These are different sizes of  balloons. A 260 is a balloon that is 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long. A 160 is a balloon that is one inch wide, and 60 inches long. 260s are the most commonly used ones for balloon twisting. Unless something else is specified, you’ll be using a 260 for most things. 160s are good for adding detail. 350s are another common size.