Closing out 2016 with this balloon…

Princess Leia

I’ve been wanting to make another Star Wars balloon of some sort, having recently watched “Rouge One” and “A New Hope” again. Thank you, Princess Leia!

To make this balloon, you’ll need:

  • two brown 160s for the hair
  • one 6″ blush Quick Link for the head
  • one white 160 for the arms
  • one blush 160 scrap for the hands
  • one gray 160 for the belt
  • one white 350 and one white 260 for the body

This balloon design is similar to many of the other princesses I have done, but I took some time figuring out how I wanted to do the hair and head. I used a Quick Link for the head. (Quick Link balloons have tying places at two ends of the balloons, both of which can be used to attach the balloon.) I used the two ends of the Quick Link to attach the hair. If I had remembered, I would also have inserted a raisin into the balloon to attach the head to the body. To create the hair buns, I used the same technique used to create the cupcake frosting.