It’s Baby Mickey!

Baby Mickey Mouse

Baby Mickey (back)

I made this balloon for a baby shower. (Congrats Tses!) Mickey Mouse was one of my favorite childhood characters – baby Mickey seemed appropriate for a baby shower!

To make this balloon, I used a blush 260 for the face, black 260 for the head/ears, blue 260 for the body/legs, and white 160 for the hands/arms. I also used a black marker and white paint pen to draw in the eyes, and a pink marker for a little pink on the cheeks.

I followed these instructions, which are actually in Japanese. You can use Google translate to see the page in English (it’s not a perfect translation, but you’ll get the idea.)


Baby Mickey crawling

Elmer’s Painters Paint Marker
Medium tip, white

[ Syan’s instructions for Baby Mickey (translated) ]