HR workshop

To twist, hold balloon with one hand, pinch, and rotate the balloon with other hand using fingers (not wrist.)
Twist all bubbles in same direction. (Otherwise they will come undone.)
Basic twists – Lock twist, Loop (or fold) twist, pinch (or ear) twist.
Common balloon sizes – 260, 160, 350/360

Basic Dog One 260 Lock twists (or loop twists.) By varying shape and length of neck/legs/ears/tail, you can make other four-legged animals.
Sword One 260 Inflate to about 1 inch left (depending on number of twists in sword.) For a basic pirate’s sword, inflate to half an inch left, make small bubble, then a loop twist, and pull sword through.
Flower One 260 for petals, one 260 for stem Inflate to about inch left. Stem is like a sword. Can be made into a hat.
Tortoise One 160 for body,
one 160 for shell,
one small round for eyeballs
Lock twist, loop twist for head, followed by a series of “bubble – pinch twist” (5) and another bubble (total 11 in series). Then add the shell and eyes.
Fish Two 260s and one large round for body,
Two small rounds for eyeballs
Inflate and tie 260s and large round together. Pinch twist each balloon for lips, wrap around large round, loop twist for fins, poodle tail.
Icosahedron Ball Six 260s and one large round Six units are identical. Connect four in a loop, then twist in one on each side. (Wrap an end with some uninflated balloon to an end without.) Add large round. Can use connection points to add other balloons.
Bracelet One 160 and one heart or small round 5-6 small loops, deflate the rest, tie, and wrap around wrist. Twist in the heart/round (or small dog balloon, etc).

Any size balloon can be used – the sizes indicated above are what we used.