One-balloon monkey

This monkey is a great one to add to your arsenal – it only requires one balloon and is a fast one to make (and cute!) I’ve blogged about another monkey I’ve made before, but that one requires multiple balloons and is a little more complicated. If you have a lot of kids to twist for, you’ll want to make one can be made quickly.

I first saw this one-balloon monkey on Michael Floyd’s web site, where he has posted a very nice video on how to make the balloon. Check it out!

One-balloon monkey (side view)

Here’s a monkey I made out of a 160 balloon. To make this balloon, I inflated the balloon a little more than halfway.

Because the balloon is thinner and the monkey is smaller, there was plenty of balloon to give the monkey a three-balloon body, some small feet, and a long tail.

[ Michael Floyd’s instructions for a monkey ]