Fish balloon animal

Fish balloon animal (front view)

Here’s yet another fish I made. I came up with this one – it’s similar to the previous fish I blogged about, but it’s a little larger and has a little more detail (stripes.)

To make this balloon, you use a 260 balloon to make the lips and body. This is similar to how you’d start making the last fish, except this time don’t make fins with the 260 balloon. Thus, the body will be a little larger.

Then use one 160 balloon to add the top two stripes and two back fins (top and bottom). Afterward, use a second 160 balloon to add the bottom two stripes, two side fins, and middle back fin. (To attach each 160 balloon to the fish body you’ve already made, wrap the knot around the back of the fish body (where the bubbles intersect each other.))

Use a small white round balloon to make two eyes. Lastly, add a scrap 260 white (or whatever color) balloon to fill in the final middle back fin.

Fish balloon animal (side view)